List of Calls

List of calls chargeable according to the LMT price list. The charge is individually calculated for each number and it depends on the number of payment periods included in the list.

Charge for a regular list of calls will be included in your next invoice. Charge for a one-off list of calls, an archive statement or a list of incoming calls is payable at the moment of the respective service request.

FAQ about the list of calls.

List of outgoing calls1.85
List of outgoing calls with texting details*


List of outgoing calls by post3.27
List of outgoing calls with texting details* by post   4.71
Archived data (list of outgoing calls without texting details)2.85
List of incoming calls7.11
List of incoming calls with texting details*7.83

All charges in €, excl. VAT, for one number per payment period.
* Texting details – telephone number of the sender or the recipient included in the list.

* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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