Internet that adjusts to your business
Advanced wireless internet or Point-to-Point connection between the base station and internet access points in your office, shop, warehouse, coffee shop, workshop, farm, lighthouse... We offer progressive solutions for indoor and rough outdoor use (in the rain, snow, dust, etc.). LMT customers may choose 4G or 5G internet – make sure you are in a coverage area of the powerful 5G and enjoy the advantages!

3 good reasons to choose LMT Internet for Business

Unlimited, no fixed-term contracts
Really unlimited 4G or 5G – as much and in any way you want! You can also enjoy file exchange and video services. You decide how long you will use the internet — the agreement does not have a termination date.
For small offices&large industrial facilities
A powerful 4G+ or 5G router will ensure access to wireless internet to all devices in your office. If you choose Industrial Internet, your company will be provided a communication channel with guaranteed speed and the ability to set-up several sub-networks.
24/7 support
A professional technician will install the router and find a customized solution to ensure quality. Call us 80768076 – expert advisers will provide answers to your questions.
Indicate the internet address
Unfortunately, the 5G internet is not yet available at your indicated address. Please leave your phone number and you will receive a message when 5G internet will be available in your place of residence.
Internet for Business Professional
Ideal if you have at least 4 workstations. The professional router will distribute the traffic among several users and will also ensure the control of manufacturing and other equipment.
  • Average download speed in 4G: 20 Mbit/s
  • Average upload speed: 5 Mbit/s
  • Guaranteed upload speed: 2 Mbit/s
  • Professional router included
  • Fixed IPv4 / IPv6 address for 0.00 €/month
39 00   €/month
Unlimited Internet+
Internet to run your business on daily basis. Ideal if you have at least 3 workstations.
  • Average download speed in 4G: 20 Mbit/s
  • Cybersecurity solution included
  • Average upload speed: 5 Mbit/s
  • Router included
  • Fixed IPv4 address for 5.83 €/month
  • Fixed IPv6 address for 1.00 €/month
19 99 €/month
Contract 12 months*
23 99   €/month
Industrial Internet
Suitable for companies that need ultra-fast internet, e.g. if several internet streams are used at the same time (video surveillance, production equipment, etc.).
  • Download speed up to 100 Mbit/s or 180 Mbit/s
  • Upload speed up to 100 Mbit/s or 180 Mbit/s
  • Reserved communication channel with guaranteed internet speed
  • One fixed IPv4/IPv6 address for 0.00 €/month
  • Setup fee from 900 €
from 100 00   €/month
LMT internet services include a cybersecurity solution. Please read the description of the solution!

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All charges in €, excl. VAT.
* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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