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TV channel "Tava klase" is available on Smart TV and LM...
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TV channel "Tava klase" is available on Smart TV and LMT Straume
TV channel “Tava klase“ (Your Class) created for learning remotely is now available on LMT Smart TV, LMT Straume app and on the internet!Educational channel that will be broadcasted on ReTV and channels will help to provide distance learning for schoolchildren, will create the effect of presence, will provide a systematic approach to learning, will make it easier for teachers to prepare the curriculum content and will be supportive for parents.The channel “Tava klase“ will focus on mathematics, Latvian and foreign languages, as well as on IT and art classes. The channel will also offer informal education – the children will be able to exercise and dance, to repeat the repertoire of the Song and Dance Festival, to develop housekeeping etc. skills. In addition, this channel will also give an opportunity to learn the languages of minorities that have their own schools in Latvia, e.g., Belarussian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Polish. It is planned that from April 6 to May 29 on workdays from 9.00 to 13.40 the channel ReTV will broadcast the lessons for schoolchildren in grades 1-4, but the channel TV from 9.00 to 16.40 – lessons for

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