Will I be able to use my phone with an LMT number abroad?

Yes. We recommend to verify that mobile communications are available in the country of your destination.

Will I be able to use the same phone abroad just like in Latvia?

LMT network supports GSM 900/1800 and UMTS 900/2100 standards. In most cases you can use the same phone both in another country and in our network, if it supports the above standards. For example, in the USA GSM 850/1900 and UMTS 850/1900 standards are used. Thus, you will require a phone that supports any of them.

How should I prepare my phone for the trip?

Before you go abroad, please check the network choice options available in your phone and make sure that you have selected the automatic option. In addition, find out how the manual mode can be activated – it can be useful if the phone is not connected to an LMT-friendly network marked with a :-).
If you choose the network manually, you may have to do that several times.

What should I do if my phone does not function abroad?

Switch it off and on – in most cases this simple fix helps to solve the problem. If it does not help, choose another operator manually.

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