Should I change Internet settings to be able to use the Internet via handset abroad?
No, you should not change the settings of your phone, if you use the LMT roaming services.
Will I be able to use the Internet via my handset abroad?

Yes, just make sure that you have activated the possibility to use the Internet in other countries in the settings of your phone.

  • Android OS

Settings – Mobile data – Data roaming,
Other networks – Mobile networks – Data roaming,
Settings –> More... –> Mobile networks –> Data roaming
Settings – SIM control – Roaming – Data roaming

  • iOS OS

Settings – Mobile Data – Data Roaming, General – Cellular – Data Roaming
Settings – Cellular Data – Data Roaming

  • Windows OS

Settings – Mobile network – Data roaming options

  • Symbian OS

Settings. –> Mobile data –> Data roaming

  • Huawey modems

Settings – Dial-Up – Mobile Connection – Data roaming,
Tools – Options... – Roaming Indicate

If your phone has a different OS, check its instructions for use or contact us.

How much should I pay for the LMT Internet abroad?

Users of specific tariff plans in the EEA countries and the INTERNET VIA HANDSET have a definite data allowance available to them without any additional charge. Check information about your tariff plan in the calculator for foreign tariffs.

When you have consumed the free data allowance, you can continue to use the Internet for an additional charge by purchasing INTERNET WHILE TRAVELLING or INTERNET WHILE TRAVELLING+, or be charged per MB.

Choose a type of payment (Internet While Travelling, Internet While Travelling+ or charge per MB) that matches your Internet consumption habits and needs best.

In the group of countries GLOBAL Internet While Travelling and Internet While Travelling+ offer a specific data allowance for 30 days for a fixed price. In countries where this type of payment is not possible, or if you have chosen to be charged per MB, you will have to pay for each and every MB consumed.

Please remember about these technological peculiarities that may affect your costs – differences in data traffic, automatic use of Internet services, etc.

Can I receive text messages about Internet tariffs abroad if I use a data card and a modem?

Yes. The software of the data card or the modem will determine how the text message will be displayed on the screen.

How can I change the type of payment for the Internet?

You can sign up to the most suitable type of payment for the Internet at any moment. My LMT is the most convenient option, but you can also text to 1688.

  • Internet While Travelling: IC
  • Internet While Travelling+: IC+
  • Charge per MB: IC–

The changes will take effect as soon as you receive a confirmation message about the change of payment type.

If you like the Internet While Travelling or Internet While Travelling+ and if you visit a country, where this type of payment is not available, charge per MB will be chosen automatically.

What is the difference between the Internet While Travelling and the Internet While Travelling+?

These are two different types of payment for the Internet.

INTERNET WHILE TRAVELLING was created to ensure safe use of the Internet abroad – you will control your data consumption costs in a specific time period (30 days or month) depending on a country you are in. When you consume your data allowance, you will be able to purchase an add-on daily allowance in a browser or sign up to the INTERNET IN TRAVEL+ and do not bother purchasing other add-on allowances.

INTERNET WHILE TRAVELLING+ was created to allow to use the Internet abroad, if you do not want to bother purchasing add-on allowances. As soon as you consume your daily data allowance, you will automatically have access to the next paid allowance.

Can I buy an add-on data allowance as many times as I would like?

Users of the Internet While Travelling can purchase add-on data allowances until they reach the MONTHLY cost control limit.

How is the charge for an add-on data allowance calculated?

Users of the Internet While Travelling are charged for add-on data allowances upon their purchase.

What happens when my INTERNET WHILE TRAVELLING allowance is depleted?
If you would like to continue to use the Internet, when you have consumed the INTERNET WHILE TRAVELLING data allowance, but have not yet purchased an add-on allowance, you will receive an informative message with a link to a site, where you will be able to choose – whether you would like to buy add-on 30 days or monthly allowance (depending on the country you are in) or sign up to the INTERNET WHILE TRAVELLING+ not to bother purchasing add-on allowances in the future. It is also possible to purchase an add-on allowance via a text message.
Can INTERNET WHILE TRAVELLING allowance be used in all networks of the respective group of countries?
Data allowance included in the INTERNET WHILE TRAVELLING 30 days (in group of countries GLOBAL) or monthly (EEA countries) charge can be used in all networks of the respective group of countries that provide access to the Internet.
Is the use of the Internet abroad subject to a minimum charge?
  • Users of the INTERNET VIA HANDSET and the tariff plans that include a specific data allowance for the EEA countries will have a right to consume as much data as is included in their free data allowance.
  • Users of the INTERNET WHILE TRAVELLING will have to pay a minimum fee for a data allowance in the EEA countries depending on the charge for the selected option. Whereas, in the group of countries GLOBAL a minimum fee and an accounting step of 32 KB per 0.0258 € is charged until you reach a 13 MB or 10.74 € limit.
  • If you have chosen to be CHARGED PER CONSUMED MB, a minimum data session fee is set for using the internet abroad. You should pay attention if you use small data allowance at the time of using the internet, what is possible also if your device automatically creates internet sessions.
    In European Economic Area (EEA) member states an accounting step of 1 KB is used, whereas in other countries a minimum fee will be for 32 KB allowance, after – for every subsequent 32 KB.
Is it possible to disable automatic Internet services?
When you are abroad, you can save money by disabling automatic Internet services. For example, the weather forecast will not be updated on your phone, if you disable the autosync and background data. In your computer you will have to disable automatic software updates.

If necessary, the apps may be updated manually according to the instructions for use.
Is it possible to disable the Internet in border areas?

If you live or use the Internet near the Latvian border, it is possible that the phone automatically chooses a foreign network, and surfing the Internet is charged like data consumption abroad. To avoid such unpleasant surprises and additional costs, text VG- to 1688. When you plan a trip abroad, remember that you should active the Internet for use in other countries by texting* VG+ to the same number.

*Send a command, if you would like to activate the service now. Information about consumer’s right of withdrawal. In case of a one-off purchase, the service is provided immediately, and there is no right of withdrawal.

Is it possible to disable internet usage in ship and ferry, airplane and satellite networks?
Yes, LMT provides an opportunity to disable the use of services on networks that are not terrestrial networks so that your device does not accidentally register in the ship and ferry, satellite communication or airplane networks and start using internet. To enable or disable this ban, please contact us by phone 80768076 or +371 29319911 (from abroad), or at My LMT section "Saziņa ar LMT" (Contact LMT), or by e-mail: info@lmt.lv.
* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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