Mans LMT

What is My LMT?

You can use My LMT to receive information about your LMT connection and invoices, activate or deactivate LMT services, as well as keep up-to-date with your costs 24/7 in any place where you have access to the internet. You do not have to go to a LMT Customer Service Center to do that any more! 

How to open My LMT?

You can open My LMT by activating this link: My LMT.

I have the Open contract – how can I access My LMT?
Authorise via internet bank, eSignature or Smart-ID!

What should I do if I cannot open My LMT?
If you connect with a number
It is possible to open My LMT only via an active LMT connection number. It will not be possible via a canceled number or a number of another operator.

Make sure that you have entered:
  • telephone or contract number accurately;
  • password accurately – caps and small letters, unnecessary spaces, etc.;
  • security code accurately – it is required, when you have failed to connect after several unsuccessful attempts.

If you connect via internet bank
Please make sure that you try to connect to My LMT using your private internet bank data – you cannot use corporate internet bank data. If you still cannot connect, probably your authorisation period has expired and a new authorisation must be submitted.
Why should I indicate my e-mail in My LMT?
Please indicate your actual e-mail address, so we can contact you in case of need. It's better to indicate your e-mail address already during your first authorisation at My LMT, but you can also do it later under chapter Profils (Profile) -> Kontaktinformācija (Contact information). It can also be changed there, if necessary.
What information is available at My LMT?
Connecting via Internet banking, eSignature or Smart-ID
Using one of these authorisation options, you can view information on all connections registered in the name of the company. The latest bills are available, you can change the e-mail address for receiving invoices, view information about the devices of Installment agreement and Open agreement, to view and administer (connect, disconnect, change parameters) LMT services, change the tariff plan for any number, as well as electronically approve agreements with LMT.

Please note!
Information and functionality available at My LMT will depend on the authorisation for the respective person.

Connecting with a number
You will be able to view information only about your connection number – tariff plan, activated services (Internet via Handset, Mobile Marketing, Call Manager etc.). You can keep track of the number of outgoing text messages, minutes of outgoing calls and the volume of internet used, as well as the amount accrued since the last bill. You can also connect and administer certain services to your number.
What should I do if I have forgotten My LMT password?

Text P to 1640 once more – you will receive a new temporary password by a text message. If you have entered your e-mail address in My LMT, we will also e-mail information about the change of your password. 

How to change My LMT password?
When connecting to My LMT with a number, it can be done under chapter Profils (Profile) -> Profila iestatījumi (Profile settings).
Why haven’t I received an SMS about the request for a new My LMT password?
Please make sure that you send the password request message from an active LMT connection number.
Why My LMT session was discontinued and how should I proceed?
For security reasons your session at My LMT will be terminated after 15 minutes of inactivity. To restart activity at My LMT, please authorise again.
Why I cannot see my bill at My LMT?
You can access your LMT bill only if you have authorised at My LMT via your internet bank, eSignature or Smart-ID and you have a respective authorisation.
* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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