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Who does the device insurance apply to?
The device insurance applies to private and corporate customers, who
  • reside in Latvia,
  • purchase or enter into an agreement (Open, Installment, Option agreement) of the device through any LMT sales channel (Customer Service Centre, e-store).

The insurance remains valid also in case the device is used by the insured’s family members or another employee of the corporate customer who purchased the insurance. Also, if the device is in use by other individuals authorised by the insured, provided that such use takes place on a very temporary basis.
Where does the insurance apply?
The device insurance is valid worldwide.
Can I terminate the insurance?
You can terminate the insurance any time you wish with immediate effect. This can be done at My LMT (lv) under section Iekārtas (Devices) –> next to insurance of a specific device select Izbeigt apdrošināšanu (Terminate insurance) or visit any LMT Customer Centre.
If the insurance is terminated, it is valid until 23:59 on the day the termination was requested.

Please note! If the insurance is terminated, it is impossible to renew the policy for the respective device.
How do I pay the monthly fee (premium)?
The first two months of the insurance are free of charge. After this, starting from the 3rd month, the monthly fee (premium) will be included in your LMT bill. Please make sure that your bills are paid in the specified term and full amount!
What does the insurance cover?
Sudden and unforeseen*, externally caused, physical damage, including theft or loss, and unauthorised use in case of compensable theft or loss (i.e. costs due to telephone or internet traffic debited to the LMT service bill linked to your mobile device, provided that the use by the unauthorised person occurred in connection with indemnifiable loss or theft).
*Unforeseen is defined as what happened was unexpected and normally not possible to predict and thereby prevent.
What does the insurance not cover?
For the full list of exceptions and limitations, please see the Terms and Conditions of LMT Device Insurance.

The insurance does not cover damage payable under manufacturer or supplier warranty, or damage that is the liability of the seller under the applicable law or according to agreed warranty terms. This refers to malfunction due to internal damage existing at the time of purchase. Furthermore, the insurance does not cover for example wear and tear, misuse or maintenance.

Moreover, the insurance does not cover theft/loss of a mobile device that is left unattended in public premises or in a public place where unauthorised persons may access the device (even if the premise was locked). For example, if you have your device in a bag in a gym, and it gets stolen from the bag, it is not covered. However, if you have locked the device in a locker, cupboard or drawer, and a break-in can be substantiated, the claim is covered. If you have left your device on the table at a restaurant, and it disappears, the claim will not be covered.

Please note! It must be possible to describe the event and define time and place.
How can I hand over the device after I`ve registered an insurance application?
It is so easy – remotely, smoothly and conveniently!

  • Apply for repair of the device on TSC website HERE.
  • In the registration form you will be able to choose the most convenient way of delivery (Omniva parcel machine, DPD courier or parcel machine), and to attach the warranty documents.

We will send the repaired or replacement device to your selected destination address or parcel machine.
* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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