Smart cameras along with LMT internet may help to supervise territories and serve as a business development tool. We will examine the situation and draw up an estimate for you to decide.

Why choose LMT surveillance?

Reasonable investment
Installation costs are available before any works are started. Can pay in installments by choosing the most suitable contractual deadline. Interest-free payments.
Competent specialists
You set the competences. And our professional and experienced staff does the rest: from design to installation.
Best solutions
The extensive range of our products and solutions allows us to find the best solution for you.

Security solutions for your property

For surveillance of shops, offices, warehouses and other sites, where continuous monitoring is required. This solutions allows to find records in the archive, mitigate the risk of theft and receive alert notifications.
  • Motion sensitive
  • AuSense: a filter for false alerts
  • Good visibility even in the dark
  • Client-managed video archiving
  • ColorVu: colored delivery 24/7
From 31, 00
When entering into the Installment agreement for 24 months

Solutions with analytics

The integrated video analyses tools help to discover opportunities to increase sales and cut costs. For example, measure the effects of product layout, control return from marketing activities, plan schedules depending on the intensity of customer flows, etc.
  • Responds to motion with an audio recording
  • Measures customer flows
  • Visualizes counted data in a portal
  • Offers system monitoring
  • Client-managed video archiving
From 157, 00
When entering into the Installment agreement for 24 months

Mobile surveillance solutions

Mobile portable cameras can be installed in places where there is no access to power supply for video surveillance of such sites or data analytics. These solutions are the best choice for various public or private events, crime prevention in specific areas, littering control and vandalism prevention in local municipalities.
  • Camera reports and records any movement
  • Autonomous battery charge
  • Allows to monitor the site remotely via a portal
  • Video recordings in a server, online, memory card
  • Camera location tracking (GPS)
From 362, 00
When entering into the Installment agreement for 24 months
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