Automated and autonomous communication between devices
NarrowBand – Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is a type of network that ensures exchange of information and communication between various devices. The solution allows an effective automatisation and supervision of the processes. NB-IoT by various sensors collects precise masurements – for the soil moisture control, product temperature monitoring, remote meter reading, lighting energy efficiency solutions, tank volume level monitoring etc.

3 good reasons to choose NB-IoT

Higher profitability
NB-IoT considerably reduces the costs of installation and monitoring of meters and other solutions – no need for wire installation and prices of NB-IoT devices are lower.
Energy efficiency
Battery life is much longer – up to 10 years, since the devices send data on NB-IoT network only, whenever necessary, without energy wasting.
Network transparency
NB-IoT ensures the reciept of measures even from such places where it was not possible until now, e.g. deeply in sewage systems, buildings with thick walls etc.
For devices placed in difficult-to-access areas or with no electricity.
  • Includes 1 MB in Latvia
  • Data transfer rate of 64 Kb/sec
  • Secure data transfer connection
0 50 €/month
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